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Quinn's Milk Bath

My little sweetie has been sick with and trying so hard to continue to be her happy-go-lucky self but It's been a long week with very little sleeping involved. This morning I thought maybe she would enjoy playing around in a warm milk bath filled with flowers to tire her out a little bit.

Of course, at first she was absolutely terrified to sit in the tub. Apparently the flowers startled her, so we took all of them out.... and put them all back in one by one. She ended up playing in there for quite a while, splashing around and maybe eating the odd flower. She is absolutely adorable. Am I allowed to say that, or is it bragging? I know one thing for sure, I am blowing some of these up on canvas and hanging them above her crib.

Oh, and... she's been sleeping ever since!!!

NOW OFFERING- Baby Milk Bath Sessions!

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