Before The Session

Since sleepy babies are best to work with, and easiest to pose.  it is extremely important to keep baby awake for at least an hour (or longer) immediately before you newborn session. It is best to dress your baby in pyjamas, or something that removes easily. No onesies please. Loose fitting clothing that is easy to remove ensures baby isn't going to have seam lines on her skin, or get upset while I'm undressing her. Right before coming to the session, it is a good idea to give baby a really good feed. A full baby is a happy baby! Please bring a pacifier or bottle (if possible), to keep baby calm during the shoot. Even if you don't plan on using a pacifier, babies don't get dependant on the after a few hours, and they really help me if baby isn't relaxed. Newborn sessions are made up of a lot more feeding, snuggling and soothing than they are photographing, so be prepared for lots of down time!  

When Should I feed my baby?

If you live within 15 minutes to the studio, please give you baby a full feeding before leaving the house. If you are further than a 15 minute drive, please give your baby a full feeding upon arrival. It is much easier for me to work with your newborn when he/she has a full belly and in a deep sleep. 

During The Session

After you arrive at my comfortable home studio, I will be working with your baby for the entirety of the portrait session.  Since your newborn will be naked most of the time, I use space heaters and heating pads to keep your baby really warm. Since is is so warm, I recommend you dress lightly! While I'm taking care of your sweet little bundle of joy, I welcome you to relax enjoy the quiet time for a few hours. You can bring a book or hook up to my wifi on your device,  but the main thing is to just stay calm, and relaxed. Babies feed off of the energy of their parents, so if you are calm, chances are baby will be too. It's usually moms instinct to try and help me every time baby makes a noise, but I assure you, I am comfortable with baby. It's much better for you to sit down, relax, and let me do my thing. 

Every once in a while you will probably have to snuggle baby a bit or nurse her back to sleep. I will take my time and work very slowly to ensure baby is happy at all times. I will not ever force a pose. Some babies are more flexible and or relaxed than others, and go into poses easily. If your baby seems stiff or uncomfortable in any way, I will move on. It is very likely that your baby will go to the bathroom on me or my blankets at some point during the shoot. This is completely normal so please don't feel embarrassed or jump in to try to clean it up. As a mother of three, and newborn photographer, this does not bother me one bit. I will clean it up and keep working. 

Can I bring Family or Friends to Watch? 

I have a cozy little in home studio, which is not big enough to accommodate friends or extended family. Also, too many people will make it difficult for baby to relax and get nice and sleepy. It is best if just Mom and Dad come, but If you intend on having siblings in any photos we will try to do them at the beginning of the shoot. It is best to have dad or a relative pick up the sibling as soon as we are done with their photos so they don't get extremely restless and bored having to stay quiet for the duration of the shoot. If you are going to get in any shots (which I highly recommend) please prepare ahead of time and read through my "Parent's Newborn Guide" for useful tips.

Should I Bring Anything?

I provide everything you need for your newborn session. My studio is filled with hand picked or knitted wraps, bonnets, props, backdrops and anything else we need for the actual shoot. If there are any sentimental pieces that you would like to incorporate into the shoot, please consult with me beforehand. I would love to make your photos special and meaningful to you, so I would do my best to accommodate you and you're vision within my artistic style, but I would like to be able to plan the colours accordingly. I do not allow crocheted/knitted outfits, or tutu's. I spend a lot of time hand picking, or hand knitting high quality items that are not only in style now, but timeless. 

Although I provide everything for the photo shoot, you should bring diapers, bottles (if using), and a soother! 

The studio will have cold beverages as well as coffee and tea, but since you are sitting for at least a few hours, you might want to bring some snacks, especially if you are breastfeeding. 

What if my baby won't settle?

My number one concern is your baby. If he/ she is unhappy than we cuddle and feed until they are. I have photographed many babies and I've very rarely had to reschedule a shoot, but if I feel that baby is not ever going to settle, then we will just reschedule and give it another try. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer them for you. 

After The Shoot

Within the first couple days after your shoot, you will get a sneak peek on Facebook. It will take me roughly 4-6 weeks to edit your photos and deliver your online gallery. You will then have the option to download all of your photos and print them at a place of your choosing, or set up a second appointment to come to the studio and order professional prints at an additional fee. Please see my "a la carte" section for printing fees. There are so many amazing options available such as canvas, wood prints, and metal prints. The various paper options include metallic, linen texture and deep matte. Please inquire if you have any further printing questions. 

If you have already booked a newborn shoot with me, I just want to say thank you for trusting me to capture those adorable, perfect little details on your newborn. I can not wait to meet your little bundle of joy! If you would like to book with me, please see "booking" at the top of this page, or click "contact" if you have any more questions! 

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